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Dvora Enterprise International Mentoring Programmes (DEIMP) are pilot schemes rolled out in Caribbean and African Communities. 

  • deimp Alpha CAREER Mentoring for 18-25 year olds 

  • deimp beta - Personal Development Mentoring or under 17s

  • Deimp Bespoke - Project Based Mentoring Packages

Deimp Bespoke

Package Benefits:


Cost-effective — pick the package to suit your budget and needs.


Excellent quality — you can rest assured that your programme is based on best practice principles in mentoring.


Easy to implement — the product is practical, containing pro-forma documents that you can adapt to suit your programme.


Allow you to meet your company’s social responsibility (CSR) — If you do not currently have a mentoring programme, you run the risk of neglecting the needs of the young people you work with. DEIMP offers a ready solution.


The package offers 3 levels to suit your affordability needs:


The Starter Package – Level 1:    

A complete stand-alone product for your organisation to purchase in order to implement a mentoring programme without any external support.                                                    

Includes set up guidelines, modes of communication, recruitment & matching forms, 3 taught modules, a virtual platform for records and monitoring, evaluation guidelines.

The Medium Package – Level 2:  

This package is aimed at organisations that would like a level of external support, but wish to do the majority of the setup and delivery themselves.                           

Includes level 1 package details plus 4 additional taught modules, half day face to face consultancy design time, mentor training, mentee workshops.


The Comprehensive Package – Level 3:         

This package offers extra support, where a specialist mentor works more closely with the host team to develop mentor knowledge and skillset.


Level 3 is made up of 8 taught modules.  It includes one bespoke module designed with your programme manager to reflect your organisations needs, values and objectives. 

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