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DEIMP - ALPHA & BETA Mentoring

Dvora Enterprise International Mentoring Programmes (DEIMP) are pilot schemes rolled out in Caribbean and African Communities. 

More about our programmes...

We supply a subsidiary chain mentoring programme deigned to be distributed by designated youth organisations. The package creates opportunities for the elevation and empowerment of the mentee, the mentor and the provider organisation. Programme providers must not infringe on copyright limitations of the product but will be supported to platform and promote their business through use of the brand and its accreditation


Organisations will receive recruitment and training documents and workshops to ensure that mentees are suitably matched for the life cycle of the scheme with diverse and experienced mentors. Mentors will offer industry/employment specific mentoring and life skills training to the older forum. Following the pilot, programmes will run in 6 - 12 month cycles, with monthly feedback sessions and quarterly reviews. The beta programme will be initiated in January 2017.


We endeavour to provide extended coverage from the press and social media bloggers, thus ensuring maximum exposure of the scheme and all promotional events.  We are currently applying to companies for investment, funding and sponsorship.  This international programme aims to support and enrich all participants from a wide demographic UK and Internationally.  

Our programmes offer a host of exclusive benefits designed to enhance and enrich the lives of young people across the countries.  A team of dedicated professionals, including esteemed personnel working within the education and mentoring sectors, have assembled to develop this ground breaking national and international project.  Our intention is to deliver a high quality programmes of professional mentoring to alpha groups aged 18-25 and personal development mentoring to our beta groups, 17 years and under.


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