Dvora Enterprise Limited® is a private company registered in the United Kingdom.


The brand represents a conglomerate of multi-industry services.  These subsidiaries work autonomously to coordinate business programs and initiatives for human resource.

We are growth-focused and globally diversified for international operations. 


We aim to deliver long term investment opportunities through the established franchises and strategic partnership.


The brand was founded January 2015 by CEO Trisha Dvorah Levien.  This umbrella company provides access to a wide range of services including; Health & Wellness Therapy; Coaching & Mentoring Programs, Philanthropic Projects, Education Services and Personal Development Training.

Our Enterprises



STEMSTAR!™ is a project based youth enterprise 

for careers, courses, events and clubs relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Levien Education Service℠ offers university editing and proof-reading services, online & direct one to one academic tuition, research, leadership courses, local curriculum podcasts, vlogs, revision workshops, consultant presentations and more.

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DvoraSpa is a international franchise of wellness hubs, employing holistic therapists of all industries, under one roof. DvoraSpa℠ Directory Services provides online access to a centralised database of therapists, spas, clinics and consultancies across a wide range of countries.

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Dvora Enterprise International Mentoring Program  is a bespoke product of mentoring packages and coaching services available to organisations wanting to deliver personal development for its members and employees.

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Sunbeem® is a charity initiative supporting girls and young women aged 11-27 year who experiencing early POI.

Benevolence and philanthropy are core values at the centre of our mission.

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Dvora Enterprise Limited and all of its subsidiary enterprises exclusively prohibit its brand, material, content or creative derivative work to be transferred, published, displayed, copied or modified by any user. 

The Dvora Enterprise Ltd is a UK registered company no.09527458. 

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